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We all seem to have an opinion on the death of Barry Sherman and his wife Honey. The Toronto police had deemed their deaths as "suspicious" after the coroner reported that the cause of death was from Lignature Neck Compression. The couple were found in their multi million dollar home hanging in the pool area. They were strangled. At first glance the deaths were ruled as a murder-suicide.

Four children have been left behind to try and understand and then cope with the senseless death of their parents.

Honey and Barry seemed to have it all: "Apotex a massive world class generic drug company employing 15,000 people with sales in the billions. Corporate success made them among the 15 of the wealthiest families in Canada.

Recently Barry was named to the prestigious Order of Canada for his "entrepreneurship in the pharmaceutical industry as well his philanthropic support of education and other charities". Honey in 2016 donated $50 million dollars to good causes. She was the survivor of Jewish parents from the Holocaust and later immigrated to Canada from a displaced person camp in Europe. Honey was described by friends as vivacious with a joie de vivre to live life to the fullest. Their beautiful house with an indoor pool was up for sale at the time of their deaths. Honey had recently purchased a very large house in Old Forest Hill that was being renovated. Air line ticket reservations had been booked to vacation in Miami mere days before they died.

Barry distinguished himself as the youngest student to enter the School of Engineering at the University of Toronto at the age of 16. He along with some cousins founded Apotex that was an independent pharmaceutical company.

Barry was an admitted work-alcoholic sleeping only a couple of hours per night choosing instead to spend the majority of his time at the office. Not being a social person he said that ‘he would rather have
a tooth extracted without the benefit of freezing then attend another charity public event’.

Barry never ever seemed to have the time to attend his children’s sport events. He was the epitome of the successful business man letting Honey do the parenting. It sufficed that he was the cash cow that provided the funds. The press reports that he had the dismal distinction of being involved in constant litigations over patents.

We have to question who and why the Sherman’s were killed? If it was a Mafia like murder a bullet to
the head would suffice. Barry and Honey were strangled by a person or persons who had a hate
vendetta for the Sherman’s. I do not believe that Barry had the physical/mental wherewithal to hang Honey and then himself.

Jews do not see suicide as a viable option when we are having problems. Like the tragic biblical tale of Job, a righteous man, who lost his children, his wealth and his physical health (but not his life) we stoically believe that it is God’s will if we live or die.. Jews play the cards we have been dealt.

There is an important lesson to be learned from the tragic untimely death of the Sherman’s. Do not ever envy those who seem to be rich and famous. They along with the rest of us are flawed. We tend to cast people either as saints or sinners. You are either revered or reviled. There is no better headline then the saint who gets unmasked in the media. If it bleeds it leads on the front page banner headlines for all of
us to read.

Our most precious non renewable resources in our lives are our time, health and the love of friends and family. When they are gone they are gone. I feel trully sorry for the children who have not had the time to mourn in private and have closure in the deaths of their parents. In due time I pray justice will be served and the family can have peace.

Len Lesser is an education/career counselor lenlesser@hotmail.com

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