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With the Ontario electorate going to the polls in June we are faced with a dilemma. We have the choice to re- elect Kathryne Wynne and her Liberals who have been in power for 15 very long troubled filled years. Her predecessor, Mc Guinty, left the Ontario Hydro Authority with the gas plant debacle costing
the people millions of dollars.

There is the new kid on the block, Doug Ford the brother of Rob the former drug user who made Toronto the laughing stock of the media. Doug is a very rich man after inheriting the family business. He has absolutely no clue about Provincial politics and recently espoused his views that the first thing he would do after he was elected is to fire the head of Ontario Hydro and the board of directors. There is a slight problem that the province of Ontario has no authority to interfere with the management. He is no
physical health teacher and still wants the sex education curriculum changed to assuage worried
parents that the knowledge that their children learn will lead to early promiscuity tendencies.

So we are faced with the dilemma of what to do with our vote. The difficulty we are faced with is having
to choose the "Lesser of the two evils." The choice between equally unsatisfactory solutions of either
the Liberals or the Conservative parties forming the next government reminds of the daunting true story of an itinerant minister who just arrived in the city.

She has been asked to conduct a funeral service for a man she never met. Faced with the impossible task she asked that someone in the church had to speak on behalf of the deceased manís life. Her
pleas of help where ignored for a long time until one burly man strolled up to the dias to say a very few words. " He was not as bad as his brother."

Wait a minute there is hope. Fortunately we have a very viable third choice in Andrea Horwath
the leader of the NDP. "You got to be kidding?" A NDP minority government in Ontario? Why not?

The citizens of Alberta voted for a NDP government, with Premier Rachel Notley as leader, in 2014 to
run the province after many decades of Conservative rule. She has served Albertans well leading the province through the impossible recent forest fires to restore a sense of order and well being. She is
now at the forefront of the fight to have the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to send Alberta crude oil to the waiting tankers off the coast of British Columbia.

For the most part I am non political person but as a proud resident of Ontario I can not with good conscience cast my vote for either the Liberal or Conservative parties. I will not stay home, shut my eyes and ears and lose my precious right to vote on June 6. It is 2018 a time for me to cast my vote to help to elect the NDP to represent all of the people in the province.

Women and ethnic minorities who are now in the majority in the province can bring forth meaningful change if they but take the time to be informed and vote for a party that has earned their trust.

Len Lesser is an education, career counsellor lenlesser@hotmail.com

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