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The recent headlines in the paper "Heenan Blaike wobbles as more lawyers leave" One of Canadaís most prestigious law firms has fallen on bad times and has to restructure.

I love the quote by Ms Pychon from Forbes Magazine. " Now lawyers are like trophy wives- they donít marry for better or worse. They marry for better. When hunger comes a knocking at the door, the
partners start looking for new addresses. They are here for the good time and not long time partnerships."

Reminds me of a true story: "The High Life" on the lifestyle of two merry Jewish widows who are sisters-in-law. "Nancy, wife of the deceased Gerry a "Type A Executive" has been looking fabulous lately. She recently purchased an unfinished penthouse in Toronto for seven million dollars. A mink coat away, her sister- in- law Judy ,wife of the late Sam, bought a penthouse for only five million dollars and change.

Donít point a finger: Itís hard to find a decent condo in Torontoís upscale Bridal Path for less then seven figures.

Benjaminís Park Funeral home told me that Gerry died at the age of 52. His older brother Sam saw the writing on the wall and retired the same year but heart problems and Type 2 Diabetes led to his premature death four years later at age of 69.

Were these deaths and anomaly for men? Stats Canada statistics for acute myocardial infraction (heart attack) has a disturbing message: five men to every women dies from heart related causes.

No wonder there are so few men living in the retirement homes. The numbers show that we males are not great in the longevity department. Most of us never make it to the Centennial club.

While sixty year old retired women are in their prime we macho men are suffering from all of the
maladies related to stress. High blood pressure, Diabetes, cholesterol, ulcers, insomnia, hemorrhoids and anxiety attacks.

Men are goal orientate to WHAT they are: President, Chairman of the Board, Executive Director.

Women are more concerned with WHO they are: happy & healthy. It has always amazed me when older women refer to their female friends as "girls". Their youthful exuberance seems to transcend their age.

Recently I counseled ĎRobertí, an executive from Toronto, who told me that: " he had the gold-plated hand-cuff career that he hated". A six figure salary, stock options and bonuses didnít help. He barely slept. Fortunately his wife called me for help. She was determined that her husband was not going to die on the 401.

Most men are achievement driven; mission statements, aims and objectives are the basis for their
raison díetre. Time is of the essence with cell phones captivating the executives harried lives. Working lunches and fast food dinners are the daily diet. Half-heartedly we men promise that to-morrow we will take the time to get into shape.

I am always amused to read the "Companion Wanted" ads in the Globe & Mail." Lawyerís widow: well educated, financially secure, physically fit seeking a very generous, professional, middle aged male with a desire to travel."

Reminds me of the tale of a rich old man who asked his young girl friend : "if she would still love him if
he lost all of his money?" She laughed that: "she would love him but she would sure miss him."

Maybe, it is time that we men learned from the girls on how to enjoy life? One can find inner peace and contentment from marveling at a beautiful sunset or taking a leisurely walk in the park. It is all a matter
of priorities.

The sages teach us that: "A young man may choose to give up his health for wealth. Too late: An old man will gladly give up all of his wealth for his health. Often times the mind forgets but the body sure remembers with a vengeance how it had been mistreated.

So my advise to men is to take it easy my friendly, you will last a whole lot longer and finish a whole lot longer if you will accept positive changes in your life.

Len Lesser is an education/career counselor.

Len Lesser

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