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Sunday, June 17th, is Fatherís Day. A very important day to say thanks for the love and care to the fathers who have taken the time to raise a child to adulthood.

Unlike mothers who experience child bearing we men are not "yet" directly involved with the nine months of pregnancy and the delivery. Now,when the female sea horse becomes pregnant she deposits their fertilized eggs into her husbandís abdomen for him to carry for six weeks. With modern medicine males may have the scary opportunity to give birth to a child. Men relish the thought.

Men are not merely sperm donors for the very brief moment of inception. What makes you a man is not the ability to conceive a child but rather the courage to help raise and care for a family.

Child caring is no longer the sole duty of mothers with the majority of fathers willing and able to do their part to nurture a child. I still remember walking the floors into the wee hours of the night with my daughter, Sarah, in my arms to try and help her get to sleep.

My wife, Ella, chose to teach school and I picked up the children at the nursery school and drove them home. I warmed up the supper, bathed and read them a story before Ella came home. I was probably
the only husband when I took the children grocery shopping to Foodland who answered when I was called me: "hey mom/dad".

I was a proud father attending the Dorchester swim meets at the pool cheering on our childrenís teams. My son, Ari was very pleased to receive the red ribbon for boys and girls 8 and under swim meet. He placed first every time being the only boy, even though he came in last. There were school graduation ceremonies where our children made us proud to be their parents.

As a father there is nothing better, scary then watching your beautiful, talented daughter wed in front of
a few friends and family at the farm in Dorchester. She chose to get married beside the pond under the towering Beech tree with the swans performing "Swan Lake" for the guests.

Every father feels that his daughter is the most beautiful bride in the world. On her wedding day we shed a few tears of joy watching our little girl who had magically blossomed into a young courageous women.

The sages teach us that: "your son is your son until he gets a wife but your daughter is your daughter for your whole life."

I am very happy that I got married and became a father of two children and grandfather of four.

Happy Fatherís Day.

Len Lesser is an education/career counselor in Dorchester, Ont.

Len Lesser

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