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I have followed the decay of our neighbours to the South for many years. The American armed intervention into Korea and Vietnam some 60 years ago was the start of the rot. These two wars cost the US hundreds of billions of dollars and the loss of tens of thousands of young men killed or maimed defending their country.

Since the Vietnam war the US has made armed incursions into Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan devastating the country dearly in manpower and billions of wasted tax dollars.

The 10 American poorest cities ie Detroit Michigan, Cleveland Ohio in 2018 has a poverty rate of over 30% and an unemployment numbers of 13-17% . Tens of thousands of houses in the cities are now empty boarded up former homes where once people raised their children. Impossible to fund the far off outrageous expensive wars and still take care of the inter-stucture in the cities.

Gun violence is so pervasive that only mass shootings of five or more victims makes the headlines. Infamous school shootings of students in Parkland Florida, Sante Fay Texas. Newton Connecticut’s, Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 28 children and their teachers where gunned down in their classrooms are but recent faint horrid memories.

Americans constantly live with fear. They pray that their children will not be part of yet another rampage with a man with an assault weapon.

Recently the citizens of Nevada paused for a moment to remember the massacre of 600 innocent people who were gunned down in Las Vegas while attending a music concert.

Even armed police officers are in harm’s way from the shooters who no longer respect the rule of law. The prisons are filled to capacity with angry, unemployed, drug addicted people of colour from the inner city who make up the majority of the inmates.

No use to look to the Senator’s, Congress men/women who have lost their moral compass to do what is in the best interest of their country.

The media has concentrated on the "Me Too" Women’s movement. They are standing up for their rights to live in an open safe society where they do not have to live in fear because they are female. The American credo that "all men are created equal" did not include women or people of colour.

The Americans have elected a morally bereft President , Donald

Trump. who never initially lied to the public. He told the electorate that his vision of the US did not include women’s rights, visible minorities, Moslems and what he called the people from the SH’ T countries. The vast majority of Americans never even took the time to cast their vote on election day.

The rot has gone all the way to the Supreme Court hearings were a very brave women, Dr Ford, came forth to tell how the tainted Nominee, Judge Kavanagh, had tried to rape her when she was in high school.

Instead of praise from the Republican Senators/ President they chose to ridiculed her. Saturday, Oct 06. the Senate voted to confirm Kavanagh for a life long term as a Supreme Court Justice.

If nothing changes the USA will in time implode: No longer a world super power. The hard work/dreams and aspirations of millions of Americans will be cast aside.

Every morning my wife, Ella, and I thank God that we live in Dorchester, Ontario, Canada.

Len Lesser is an education/career counsellor.

Len Lesser

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