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With the recent killing of eleven Jews who were attending a baby naming service in a synagogue in Pittsburgh one has to ask: "Why does anti-Semitism still exist in Canada/USA" ? Many people do not know that, Jesus (Yeshua) Christ, was a young single Jewish man about thirty years of age when he started his ministry. He began preaching to his followers the meaning of love and acceptance for all people. Jesus could not have been a Christian; the letters ian in the word Christian refers to a follower of Christ. He was a Jew.

He was born in Bethlehem, in the Middle East; He was a Sephardic Jewish man; not white as he is portrayed, in the picture books. His father, Joseph was a carpenter but Jesus was a Preacher (Rabbi- teacher) working in his "Fatherís House" which was a Synagogue.

Judaism is a religion.; Not a race; It is a way of life; People who have diverse religious beliefs/customs are just as worthy.

We have good friends who attend Or Shalom Synagogue every Saturday morning who are Asians, African Americans along with a beautiful blending of a rainbow of people of many colours and races.

Sammy Davis Junior, Barbra Streisand. Elizabeth Taylor, Adam Sandler, Justin Hoffman, Superwomenís, Gal Gadot Varsano, Marilyn Monroe were Jews.

It has been my life long quest to find the Jewish female look alike to Marilyn Monroe. My 11 year old granddaughter, Gigi, who is blonde with blue eyes, is a whole lot smarter and much more beautiful. Ok, I have to admit that I may be a little partial?

I nearly forgot to include my cousins, who are also Semites (Arabs), who believe in Allah. Abraham the Patriarch was married to Sarah ( the Princes) and at 90 years of age she was told by God that she would have a son. She laughed and named her son Isaac (Laughing). Abraham was given a beautiful young Egyptian handmade, "Hagar", who had their first son, Ishmael, ( God heard his cry). Sarah was jealous and told Abraham to have them both leave. God promised that Ishmael would be the leader of a great Islamic nation.

Perhaps, if people take the time to learn the reality of Christianity, Islam, Judaism they will discover that what unites us is more then what divides us?

Len Lesser lives in Dorchester, Ont,

Len Lesser

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