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Recently I had the good fortune to inherit a small sculpture from a London artist, Bruce Flowers, who recently died from Brain Cancer. He was a former Art teacher at Saunderís Secondary School. Bruce was proud that he was a Gay man whose art spoke volumes of his creativity.

I thought that the students at Saunderís Secondary School would enjoy the sculpture; I contacted the Head of Art along with the Principal to donate it to my former school where I was a counselor for six happy years. I delivered the gift to the school and waited for a reply.

After two weeks the Principal, Mr White e mail, informed me ; "The sculpture was not acceptable."

I contacted Laura Elliot, the Director of the Thames Valley School Board, to voice my dismay. She forwarded my concerns to the Area Superintendent, Marion Moynihan, who wanted to see the work in question and then review it with the Director.

Three beautiful life-like sculptures of two men and one women embracing. Why all the fuss? Could Homophobia be the reason that the sculpture was rejected? If the art had featured a man and women kissing would anyone question if the art was ok to be displayed in the school?

In the past Jews and people of colour were not employed in positions of authority at the Thames Valley Board of Education. "Blacks get on back"; "Browns you can hang around"; "Whites you- are- all right" If you are Gay go away; you are Persona Non Grata, invisible closet members of the public who are advised not to make waves.

My friend, Scott, who is a Psychologist, told me that; "He was sad, very sad but not surprised that some people are still not open to the LGBTQ community in London."

Bruce Flowers did not attempt to hide his sexuality; he instead rejoiced in his diversity; teacher, internationally renowed sculpture who lived his life to the fullest.

Rest easy my friend you are not alone in your quest for acceptance/respect. There always will be a small minority of people who will still have a moral compass that will continue to speak out when they see marginalized members of our Rainbow Community who are maligned.

Len Lesser

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