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I have to admit that I have fallen head over heals in love with Coco Coutiere. She is the best damn thing that has happened to us in the last eight years. My wife, Ella, reluctantly agreed that we would be an extended loving family willing to share our home with my new girl friend. Since Coco came into our lives she has sure changed our perspective to look only to the positive side of life.

I have to admit that at first I was smitten only by her good looks. Brown long curly hair/eyes and eye lashes and a gorgeous figure. Before she came to live with us she was travelling to fashion shows in Toronto, New York to pose/ strut her stuff in front of appreciative crowds.

She is very loving and attentive and only wants to please us . It only took a few days for her to teach us of her simple basic needs. Lots of loving in the morning; loving in the afternoon and loving in the evening is a constant refrain.

Coco sure enjoys being spoiled by her professional stylist, Angela, from "Perfect Pets Grooming Spa" to have her hair cut/ styled, washed and blown dry along with a manicure/ pedicure every week.

She wakes us up around six a.m. with a kiss to the cheek before going back to her bed until seven to make sure that she has her beauty sleep. After Ella makes her breakfast she and I romp in the living room before she goes for a walk with us.

Recently Coco became pregnant. She gave birth to five healthy, rambunctious offspring- three males and two females. The women in the village were very jealous that she gained only one pound during her pregnancy. She thoroughly enjoys her two nutritious "Spartan" meals of five proteins made up of lamb, salmon, chicken, veal & turkey from "Big Country Raw" that keeps her lien and physically fit. No carbs or sugary treats to mess up her beautiful figure.

After supper we watch television in the family room with the three of us cuddled together on the love seat. Off to bed we go after the news at nine to enjoy a restful sleep.

Gotcha! Coco is an adorable French Standard Poodle. I hope my attempt at humour helps with the February blahs?

Len Lesser

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