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Being a high school counselor my favourite times in the school year are the first days of school in September when the ninerís arrive on site and the end of June the time for the graduation ceremonies . Graduation is a celebration for parents/ teachers to see the graduates walk with pride across the stage to receive their hard earned diplomas.

The years seemed to have flown bye oh so quickly. The former awkward grade nine lost children have blossomed into mature, confident young adults willing and able to embrace their bright futures.

When you sit on the stage to watch the procession of graduates the very proud parents patiently await their turn to have their childrenís picture is a heart warming moment.

When I retired from the Thames Valley School Board I established the "Lesser Family Share" scholarships along with a free education/career assesment for two graduates from both Laurier and Montcalm Secondary Schools. The requirements are very simple; a male and female grad who has been accepted into a post secondary college/university who have made a difference to their fellow students.

Why do I do this? There is the true story of a man who arrives in Canada in the middle of the winter without a coat. A complete stranger seeing the problem takes off his leather coat and places it around the newcomer;ís shoulders. When the man asks "How he could repay the gift?" The Good Samaritanís answer was oh so simple; "When you see a man with no coat you give him yours." It is called paying it forward.

Please remember that Canada is a mobile country where you can be and do anything you want. It is all about a good work ethic, good willpower and choosing wisely your priorities.

A sincere thank-you to all of the parents and teachers for having the faith in our children. Congratulations to all of the graduates; You are our present and future.

Len Lesser is an education/career counselor.

Len Lesser

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