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We have all been made aware of same sex marriage with John married to Johnny and Mary tying the knot with her soul mate Marie. Designations of Miss replaced by Ms and Mr & Mrs are old hat with the new terminology, "Partners".

The old treasured traditional church marriage of one male married to one female for the most part has barely endured with many couples deciding to live together without the need for the expensive legal paper work. The partnerís when they fall out of love (lust) is not a problem with each member simply diving up the household goods acquired during the relationship. Having children can be a problem for the former couple having to decide who is going to pay/care for the welfare of the offspring.

No need to have to worry about the expensive cost of a divorce. No legal marriage problems to have to worry about.

Many young women (30-50) have decided to have a child without a male in attendance. No bothersome intimate sticky sexual encounters. A few very expensive trips to a Gynecologist's fertility clinic to conceive a child that comes forth from the womb in around 9 months. The infant takes the surname , beliefs of the mother, without a male role model to mess with the children`s future.

I have recently heard of the new phenomena where females marry themselves. "Saying I do to me." No male partner to have to worry about to plan the wedding festivities. The female simply marries herself with her many girlfriends as bridesmaids in attendance. The bride even speaks to the assembled guests of her wedding vows to herself to promise: that: "She intends to be happy and prosperous so help me "Sakís Fifth Avenue".

It simply is an expensive excuse to get all dolled up. The bride and her friends have their hair/nails/face done along with flower corsages to wear with their expensive bridal gowns. The wedding reception includes hors díoeuvres and a very large three tiered wedding cake with iced bottles of expensive champagne to wash it all down.

There are no wedding rings nor an officiant to conduct the ceremony. No need. One is committed only to myself and me and my own happiness. Think about for a minute: You are married to you. You know who/what you are and there is no need to change your persona to include a man in your future. No groom or honeymoon to take the time off from your six figure career.

Self marriage is all about saying that who I am and what I need is very important to me. It may be deemed by others as somewhat selfish but there is no need to share myself.

Think about it men. We may be an endangered species? In the near future we may find ourselves redundant by the new life styles that some of are females are embracing.

For many Millennials marriage is pass/e because they have no commitment to any form of long lasting relationships. According to a recent Gallop pole, 59% of American Millennials, are single and have never been or wanted to get married.

Being old fashioned and married for 45 years to Ella I am committed to a one man one women harmonious relationship till death-do-us part.

Len Lesser Dorchester, Ont.

Len Lesser

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