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The world is sure-a- changing. Some of our friends in the community are re-arranging their lives. It all started with " C" and his wife "B "who split up after many years of marriage when their children left home. "B soon was smitten with "Dr G" who had recently divorced his wife "H" Now "H" after having two children decided that she would move in with her same sex partner "S" who is now her new husband.

I nearly forgot about poor "C," but not to worry he discovered a "K;" Her sister "O" found on line "Q" who left his former wife "R" who now has a new girl friend "P" .

As you can see I have changed the names to protect our friendsí identities so that they will still want to speak to me after reading the letter.

If you like watching the Blue Jayís baseball team and do not quite understand the game take a moment to view "You Tube" the Abbott and Costello hilarious skit: "Whoís on first, Whatís on second , I Do Not Know is on third base. The pitcher, To-morrow throws the ball to the catcher, To-day and the short-stop I Donít Give A Damn catches the foul ball hit by Why who plays left field ending the game .

Reminds of the true story of a troubled young women, "Lost" who I recently counseled. "Her mother was her sister ;her father was also her grandfather. She had two sisters and brothers who were also her aunts and uncles." I tried in vain to figure out the configurations in my head but all to no avail. I have to admit that I had to write it down and try and chart the very complicated relationships.

Eureka, after a difficult time I figured it out; I. Lostís mother who was all of fifteen when she gave birth to her then legally had her middle aged mother adopt and raise her daughter until she was sweet sixteen. Mom at the age of sixty-five, who was ill at the time, thought it was time that Lost, who was now a teenager should be reunited and live with her real mother. The sister who was really her birth mother reluctantly resumed her proper role as the sole parent. Mom magically became the grand mother which left the teen to try and ponder her past/present and future. To help out I asked "if Lost could start to call her birth mother mom and she told me that: "she didnít much care what she was called her."

It used to be easy for me to keep track of our friendís marriages but now with many practicing mixing and matching it is sure hard for me to keep track of all the new relationships. When I was youngster we called the cowboys in the movies "Partners" but now the terminology refers to men and women who have chosen new social arrangements.

There is a very nice couple in town who I admire who have stayed married even though her husband has had the dreaded Parkinson disease for many years. With help 24/7 he was able to stay in the family home until he died. No divorce; his wife played the cards she was dealt. Parkinsonís effects the family who lived with the dire diagnosis hoping that their love one is stable.

Len Lesser Dorchester, Ont.

Len Lesser

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