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Have you ever needed a trades person recently and found that there were precious few available to hire? There is a shortage of carpenters, plumbers, electricians and the problem will only grow with the retirement of those in the trades.

For the past few days their has been write ups in the media of the great number of people who have not been able to find employment. Most have only high school education with little or no on the job experiences. Too many students go on to a Liberal Arts education at a community college or university. Few opportunities are available for the grads; employers are not in the market for the academic students who only focus on school.

If you are a parent please teach your children that the skilled trades are a good options to explore for those who are motivated and have the talents. It has to start with elementary age school students with mom and dad teaching their children that working with your hands is a very viable career option.

I trust that both male and female students have enrolled in the excellent technical options that Lord Dorchester provides?

The tech options are taught by qualified former trades people. In grade twelve it is possible to have four period co-op , full semester where the student has on the job experience A good chance to explore your future career options.

I have never met an unemployed/underpaid plumber. My brother Jack who was a lawyer did not like plumbers. His pipe broke in his basement on Christmas eve. He called Steve who reluctantly left home and came to do the repair and cleanup. The bill was for $400 dollars. Jack complained that he was a lawyer an did charge his clients such exorbitant amounts. Steve laughed and told Jack "when he was a lawyer he never did either ." He had switched careers and now was in demand and enjoying it.

Len Lesser Dorchester, Ont,

Len Lesser

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