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Sunday June the fifteenth is the day we set aside to honour our fathers. As the musical refrain of Bob Dylan goes: "The times they are a-changin'." Role models for parenting are also evolving.

Let me introduce you to Dr Lori Goldfarb and her husband Jordan Hershorn who are the very proud parents of two beautiful girls. Rachel who is three and one half answered the door with a greeting to come-on-in. Aryn age three months was peacefully nestled in her mother's arms.
Lori and Jordan have been married for six happy busy years. Lori is a dentist in private practice and Jordan is on his second thirty-six week paternity leave from his accounting career.

Lori who is self employed can't afford to take the time away from her patients. She returned to work after six weeks leaving the task of taking care of the children and household duties to Jordan.

He has been an integral equal partner with Lori from the time of conception, the nine months of pregnancy and now his second time involved in child rearing.

Lori describes her husband as simply amazing. Jordan does it all: laundry, grocery shopping, feeding, bathing and believe it or not he is a decent cook. Jordan learned from his late father-in-law, DrAaron Goldfarb to barbeque. Dinner is on the table when Lori comes home from her office at 4.30 p.m.

Jordan told me that he simply loves his three girls. He described his home as a 'fantastic land of women'. It has been an amazing experience to see his children grow day-by-day before his very eyes.

The best part of the day is after dinner; bathing brushing, flossing when everyone gets into bed to snuggle to hear the Raffi bed time ballads, Willoughby Wallaby Wough
Lori proudly told me that Jordan has an amazing positive sense of self confidence. He is comfortable enough with his male parenting role to be able to stay at home to care for their children. He regards himself as a man's man.

In October the children will be attending full day care/pre kindergarten programs. The parents feel it is very important for the children to interact with other children. They do not want the services of a nannies. Jordan will return to his day job. If one of the children is ill then he will stay home. His employer is fully aware/accepts and will grant him time off to take care of his children.

Their philosophy of family/child rearing involves team work. Lori/Jordan's advice to young couples contemplating having a family is very simple. Communicate, communicate; there will be a time to cry and a time to laugh. Watching your child grow is amazing. With plenty of patience, love and understanding a wonderful future is in store for your family.

This report appears in the June edition of Mom and Caregiver Magazine : www.themomonline.com

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