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So you want to make a difference and enter the health care field? You don't have to go to university/college to study to be a doctor/nurse. If you are interested in a hands on approach to healing then massage therapy may be for you.

Scott Reeve the Educational Director of D'Arcy Lane Institute of Massage kindly consented to give me an interview and a tour of their facilities.

The average age of the 130 students is 23 with a minimum of high school education and a strong background in the Sciences. Many of the students had gone to university/college for an education and were now searching for a career. The females outnumber the males by a six to one ratio. They attend classes 10 hours a day, Monday through Wednesday, for two ten month terms.

The 19 faculty members work part time at the college while continuing to practice in various health care facilities in the London area.

To be a successful therapist you do not have to be huge, in this profession size doesn't make a difference. The students are taught body mechanical skills to be able to avoid injuries.

Scott toured me through the facilities comprising lecture halls along with clinical class rooms for the students to hone their skills. Students dressed in their greens practice on each other for first eight months before being allowed to work with the general public. There seemed to be a small village mentality with lots of laughter and comradery between the students.

90% of the students graduate from the program and 96% successfully pass their Entrance to Practice exams. .
The school provides massages to the general public. The students as part of their training donate one hundred hours to the Outreach programs: Parkwood Hospital, Hospice, John Gordon Home, Physical Therapy Clinics and UWO track team are some of the beneficiaries of the massages.

There are a plenty of career opportunities for the graduates to find employment : Chiropractic/Physical Therapy Centres, Spas and private stand alone clinics.

Business/ industry recognizing the need to attend to job related stress employs massage therapists to reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.

To get the true picture of a school you have to talk to the students. Damien and Jenna two second year students gave me the scoop on D'Arcy Lane. Damien had tried his hand in business for a few years. He enjoys the faculty to student ratio and the ability to help people. Jenn finds the level of instruction excellent. "Very small classes, a sense of family working together. Laying hands on people isn't sexy.You are there to help alleviate pain".

After two hours of interviewing Jenn offered to massage my aching hamstrings. There I was between the sheets with her gently but firmly working out the kinks in my legs. After 30 minutes of massage my aches and stresses seemed to evaporate.

If you are outgoing, wish to be self employed, and want to make a difference check out Massage Therapy.

Len Lesser

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