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The time has finally arrived. Your son/daughter is about to embark on their first adventure of their life. Leaving home. Hard to leave cookies, tv cartoons and the tender care of parents to go to school for the very first time.

The first days of school are most important to the success of a student's education. I wager that parents have lasting memories of your early days in school? Walking into the classroom for the very first time can be a scary experience. In my humble opinion the kindergarten teacher is the most important role model in teaching.

Let me introduce you to Linda Bristow who taught JK/SK for the Thames Valley District School Board for thirty years. She has some advise for parents to ensure a happy/successful start to school.

Parents can be very proactive in making the first day a success. Folks please have a positive attitude towards learning to pass on to your children.

You are more then welcome to sit in class the first day of classes to learn the routine/expectations of the teacher.

A good night restful sleep along with a nutritious breakfast and lunch is most important to your child's development.

No matter how busy you are please take the time to read a bedtime story to your youngster. Nursery rhymes help develop a sense of sounds & language. Books can open up a whole new world of adventure for your child. The teacher/librarian has available lots of excellent reading material for your youngsters.

Please make learning a priority for your family. Children imitate what they see and hear at home. Folks try and be generous with your praise while acknowledging that there are positive/negative consequences to your child's behavior. Parents have to follow through with reasonable attainable goals for their families.

If there are concerns please inform the teacher ASAP to help alleviate the concerns. Two way communication between home and school works wonders.

Lynda encourages all parents to laugh with their children, praise them and tell them every day that you love them. No if's but's or maybe's. Have a wonderful school year!

This report appears in the Mom & Caregiver magazine September issue http://www.themomonline.com/

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