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On Sunday evening in the middle of a flood warning for the Forest (London) City area I tuned into the CBC tv special-“ Flood.”

Talk about coincidence, the program showed the effects of Global warming and the horrific consequence of the flood waters engulfing the Thames River estuary and the old City of London England.

I reflected back to the summer of 2000 when the London area experienced some of the worst flooding in the cities history.

I trusted the Upper Thames Conservation Authorities Fanshawe/Wildwood/Pittock Dams would hold back the torrents in the Thames to protect London and vicinity. My faith in the UTRCA was well founded. Monday morning the sun came out and their was no report of flooding of our streets and homes.

I called Ian Wilcox who is the manager of UTRCA to express my thanks for the good work that his agency does for the people of London. He graciously connected me to Mark Helsten who is a Water Resource Engineer responsible for flood forecasting and warnings for the Authority.

Fanshawe Dam protects 1,500 homes in West London area near Labatt Park Fanshawe Dam can greatly reduce the flow of water in the North Thames River in London. Happily the Environment Canada predictions of two hundred millimeters from the aftermath of hurricane Ike didn’t materialize.

“We can be very proud that the province of Ontario has one of the world’s most advanced flood damage protection programs in the world. Unlike many other areas new construction in Ontario is generally not permitted within flood plain areas. Keeping people away from flood plains is more effective then building dams and dykes.”

Mark reminded me that when you do your job well that people forget that you are there. The men and women of the Upper Thames Conservation Authority quietly goes about their work to protect Londoners. I for one want to say thanks.

Len Lesser

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