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I trust that you are old enough to remember the refrain, Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage.

For the past few months I have had the pleasure to observe a wonderful loving couple while they worked out at the Y.
Let me introduce you to Imre and Marika Szatmari who have been happily married for fifty-six years. They met in Budapest Hungary in February 1952 . For Marika who was a secretary in an all male construction program it was certainly love at first site.

She came from a well to do Jewish family. Dating/God forbid marring a Christian young man (a goy) was strictly taboo for her parents. Her step mother warned her that such affairs were self destructive with little chance for happiness. If she was very fortunate the marriage might last all of two weeks.

Mom/dad the very stubborn beautiful girl cried: he is oh so cute, attentive, thoughtful and kind. Imre was a real mench (a thoroughly nice person). The lovers married five months later.

In 1956 Hungary went through a revolution with many young people escaping the country. The newlyweds fled to Austria/ England finally making their way to Adelaide Australia were Imre found work in the construction industry. Their love blossomed and two beautiful children Susan and Andrew were born.

After ten years as fate would have it one of their Hungarian friends had moved to London Ontario. In 1967 the Szatmari family followed their neighbors to Canada.
The new immigrants founded I General Construction Company building schools, fire halls for a quarter of a century.. Marika was a stay at home mom/bookkeeper and treasurer all in one.

Canada was a perfect place to raise a family. The people were very hospitable and the scenery was outstanding. The family enjoyed traveling the width and breath of our great country to experience the cultural diversity/beauty of their adopted land.

For the past 35 years they have been lovers of classical music/opera and the London Symphony.

Fifteen years ago Imri retired and now has become the premier supreme chef in the home. He enjoys cooking Hungarian Chicken Paprika, cabbage rolls and fish chowder. The constant perfectionist: the kitchen is cleaned and everything is put away. The table is set just so for his sweetheart to enjoy the fine dining Every day promptly at four the lovers enjoy a Diet Coke & rum cocktail.

For the past 21 years they have been members of the Y. Marika takes in her aerobic classes and swims three times per week her usual forty laps of the pool. Imre works the treadmill while keeping his eyes out for the pretty girls.

After fifty-four years of marriage the newlyweds have some wise advice. Trust each other and be tolerant of your partners faults. Sometimes you have to give in to keep the peace. Remember to keep lifeís balance in tact. Always go to bed at the same time and donít forget to embrace each other and tell her/him that you love them.

You blend it all under one roof adding a little luck and eureka you have it.

For the next twenty years Imre,(82) & Marika (78) hope to keep their health and happiness. They intend to enjoy life and treasure every minute.

They sincerely wish us: Legyel boldog: Be happy

Len Lesser

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