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2008 was a very interesting year. We have gone from huge government surpluses to a recession.

It is a small world after all with all countries feeling the effects. No one is immune. The economic crisis that has spread around the world like wildfire through a dry forest is sure scary. There is no magic cure or pill that will solve our problems.

Times are tough. But, could the new reality of living on less make us healthier and happier then we have been in many years?. Frugality is now replacing frivolity with people living within their means is now a fact of life. Bigger is not in itself better.

The sages tell us - ‘A young man gives up his health for money. An old man would gladly exchange all the money for health.’But?

We have become disillusioned with the marketing hoax that material excesses spawned by the pursuit of wealth will result in happiness. Expensive restaurants can’t replace the aroma of a family nutritious home cooked meal. In a recession we tend to eat out less and exercise more by simply leaving the car at home and walking or taking public transportation.

Our young people really do not need more stuff. Money is important but work has been simply been an enabler to living the good life. They better realize that they will not probably be able to live at a similar life style as their parents. A positive sense of reality will be the result of the economic decline.

In times of need every generation has seen the right person take their place to bring forth meaningful change. F. D Roosevelt, President of the United States during the Great Depression who brought about the ‘New Deal’.

Churchill, the Prime Minister of Great Britain led the free world in the successful fight against the German Reich.

Barack Obama, is the man for our troubled times. He is a young forty seven year old family man with multiracial background with a university law degree from Harvard. The American public, young, old, Black or Latino in enormous numbers went to the polls to vote for change for a better day. The victory belonged to the people.
He acknowledges that the challenges are: ‘the greatest in our lifetime. The road will be long and we can’t go back to the way things were.’

Barack’s election night speech promises. ‘This is our time - hope for a better to-morrow. Yes we can put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace.’

I feel a whole lot better with the future prospects that we have a brand new philosophy where open honest dialogue is the new mantra in government. I look forward to the new year with confidence in our economy knowing the good work ethic of our Canadian people.

On behalf of Ella and myself I want to extend good wishes for a healthy/happy new year to you all.


Len Lesser

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