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What is Career Counselling?

Career Counselling

There are 36,000 possible career options in Canada to-day and 300 academic majors. The search for a meaningful fulfilling vocation can be achieved with one on one career counselling. The six plus hours that you spend with me will give you feedback and direction.

The Strong Interest Inventory that I use compares you to thousands of individuals who are happy in their work. Your personalized 31 page report identifies your optimum career choices based on your interests.

Pro active planning can help you to enjoy your educational and vocational journey. The vast majority of my clients follow through with their key tasks and goals for their future aspirations. I am very proud that my work has empowered thousands of my clients to feel confident about themselves.


I believe that you are a success when you find that you make a difference in society. You find contentment when you know what you want to do with your personal and professional life. Being able to find the necessary balance between work and leisure is critical in receiving gratification in one's life.

My goal over the past thirty years in counselling has been fulfilled by helping my clients to focus on being the very best that they can be.