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Mar 2009: Added 2 client feedback comments here


Jan 2009: Added client feedback comment here


Dec 2008: Added client feedback comment here


Oct 2008: Added client feedback comment here


Sept 2008: Added client feedback comment here


Aug 3rd. 2008: Added client feedback comment here


Apr 28th. 2008: Two client feedback comments added here


Apr 12th. 2008: Two client feedback comments added here


Aug 12th. 2007: Len's Blog has been replaced by The Len Lesser Report. A client feedback comment added here


FEB 17th. 2007: Len's Blog pages replace his past published londoner columns. Now you can read and respond to Len's thoughts and ideas directly through these pages.


DEC 13th. 2006: The Counselling Process pages have been updated to reflect that only *two* sessions are now needed with the new assessment report.


JAN 13th. 2006: Added two new columns originally published in the Londoner in late 2005 here and six new feedback comments here


JULY 19th. 2005: Added six new feedback comments from former clients and parents here


MAR 08th. 2005: Added four columns originally published in the Londoner over the past year. Also some comments from former clients here


FEB 17th. 2004: Added the Peter Fowler & the 'new curriculum' columns to my website. Also all the links to the Londoner have been updated as my column has move to a new url. Couple of menu links updated


JAN 3rd 2004: Added five new feedback quotes from clients and "Thank You" graphic


DEC 16th 2003: Added the "Ivey Business School" newspaper column to my website. First published in the Londoner community newspaper.


OCT 29th 2003: Added two newspaper columns to my website. They were first published in the Londoner community newspaper. Also a quote from a client who is off to Australia to pursue his career.


SEPT 28th 2003: The website has been updated so that you can join my newsletter email group. By completing the simple form you can regularly receive my newsletter and other useful information by email.


SEPT 14th 2003: I trust everyone has had a good summer? Now that Fall has arrived I thought I would post this message and keep you up to date on my adventures.

Since my new years greetings, I have been kept busy seeing clients from all over South Western Ontario. My focus is still on young people but lately youthful individuals in their 30's 40's and 50's have been seeing me - looking for meaningful direction in career and lifestyle.

For the past six months I have been writing a column a week for a new newspaper, The Londoner, that you can access at (opens in a new window). Click on columnists and scroll down until you see my spectacles. The content varies between write ups of self-made people who in their own special way contribute to society and issues that are of concern to us all.

After eight years I have decided to go high tech with an e-mail address that I check daily. I welcome you to keep in touch to update me or simply to answer any questions you may have.

I have hired a talented web master who has put my information on the web: that interested parties can access at the click of a mouse. If you wish to receive my quarterly newsletter complete the on line application. Please feel free to pass along my site to individuals who may be in need of my services.